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Tidy-Up & Breakages Bond

The following schedule should be done before you leave and forms part of your agreed hire terms and conditions.

  • Remove sheets and pillowcases from those beds that have been slept in an place in the laundry basket in the main entrance foyer.
  • Empty all rubbish/litter bins into large bin at top of drive, separating glass and plastic into the additional recycling bin provided.
  • Remove all your litter from patio/garden areas
  • Wash, dry and replace all crockery/cutlery/grill pans etc.
  • Wipe food spills off and clean inside the cookers/grills/ovens/work-tops/fridges
  • Return furniture back to where you found it
  • Remove your litter from bathrooms/bedrooms, including under beds and bins
  • Sweep and vacuum living room and under dining table and wipe table clean
  • Vacuum all bedroom floors and the drying room floor, removing any mud
  • Switch of all electrical appliances and turn off all lights
  • Fully clean the BBQ grill & brush ashes out and leave in condition found
  • Notify us of any damage/breakages before you leave

Your bond will be returned to you shortly after your visit if the above schedule, in its entirety, has been carried out. The bond is not a cleaning charge, nor does it replace your obligations to tidy the barn after your visit. 

Failure to do so will result in deductions in your bond refund.

We reserve the right to make extra charges for any breakages/damage other than wear and tear during your hire of the barn.

If you would like to download a copy of the "tidy-up" agreement - click here.  For terms and conditions of hire - click here.